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Writing Exercises for Beginners

Jumbled Sentences (rong-chang)

Verb Tenses and Scrambled Sentences (ego4u)

Writing Exercises

Dictation Exercises  (rong-chang)

Sentence Structure Writing Practice (rong-chang)

Writing Practice and Revision (eslus) 

Writing Guides

Basic Paragraph Structure (grammar_composition)

Constructing a Paragraph (grammar_composition)

Paragraph Writing: Self-Test (eolf.univ-fcomte.fr)

Writing Topic Sentences Lesson (eolf.univ-fcomte.fr)

Supporting Detail (act den) 

Paragraph Closing (act den) 

OWL Writing Lab Handouts (owl.purdue.edu) 

Writers’ Workshop (illinois.edu) 

Online Guide to Writing and Research (umuc) 

Writing Guides – CSU (colostate) 

Writing Guides (write work) 

Essay Info (essay info) 

Essay Guide for Academic Prep (UEAFP)

Essay Structure (customessay)

Writing: Punctuation, Business Documents, Essays (ego4u)

Essay / Paragraph Practice (parapal)

Essay Samples (buckhoff) 

Examples / Samples / Mistakes

Common Mistakes (commonmistakes)

Common Errors in English Usage (wsu.edu)

Students’ Essays (my-english-writing)

Free Typing Practice

ABE Touch Typing Lessons


Typing Lessons

Play Type Racer


Free Typing Game

Power Typing

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