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Beginner (L2)

High Beginner (L3)

Low Intermediate (L4)

Writing Exercises for Beginners

Jumbled Sentences (rong-chang)

Verb Tenses and Scrambled Sentences (ego4u)

Writing Exercises

Dictation Exercises  (rong-chang)

Sentence Structure Writing Practice (rong-chang)

Writing Practice and Revision (eslus)

Writing Guides

Basic Sentence Structure (about.com)

Basic Paragraph Structure (F Scott Walters)

Essay Types and Explanation (EAP Foundation)

Writing Practice / Feedback

Submit your Writing / Free Feedback (Lang-8)


Topic Sentence Tutorial and Test

Topics and Comments Tutorial and Test

Supporting Sentences Tutorial and Test

Using Transitions Tutorial and Test

Organization Tutorial and Test

Paragraph Writing Tips (ActDen)

Paragraph Writing (RMIT Study and Learning Center)

OWL Writing Lab Handouts (owl.purdue.edu) 

Writers’ Workshop (illinois.edu) 

Online Guide to Writing and Research (umuc) 

Writing Guides – CSU (colostate) 

Writing Guides (write work) 

Essay Info (essay info) 

Essay Guide for Academic Prep (UEAFP)

Essay Structure (customessay)

Writing: Punctuation, Business Documents, Essays (ego4u)

Essay / Paragraph Practice (parapal)

Examples / Samples / Mistakes

Common Mistakes (commonmistakes)

Common Errors in English Usage (wsu.edu)

Students’ Essays (my-english-writing)

Free Typing Practice

ABE Touch Typing Lessons


Typing Lessons

Play Type Racer


Free Typing Game

Good Typing

Power Typing

Type Online