FALL 2017 – NO Workshops

We hope to be able to offer workshops again soon. 






Spring 2017 Schedule

Monday, 4:00 – 4:50

Friday, 12:30 – 1:20

4/10 – – What is your Reading Level?
Do you know your reading level? In this workshop you will learn how to determine your reading level and ways to improve it.

4/14 – YOUR Library and Other resources in the 4000 Building that are there for YOU!

Meet the people who work in the Library and the other learning centers in the 4000 building.  Learn about how they can help you and what you can do there.

4/17 – Build Your Vocabulary
What do you do when you come across a word you don’t know? How can you improve your memory for learning new vocabulary? Come learn some strategies and share ideas.

4/21 – Board Games! Not Boring Games!

Play some fun games, and learn the English words and expressions that go with playing games. There will be many different kinds and you can come back to the lab and play some more!

4/24 – Paragraph Organization

In this workshop, we will discuss how to organize a basic paragraph. Then we will use Microsoft Word to practice formatting rules. If you are level 3 or 4, this is the workshop for you!

4/28 – Writing Interesting Sentences

Learn about adding words and groups of words to expand simple sentences. We will have fun making sentences with interesting details.    

5/1 – Cinco De Mayo Celebration

This popular Mexican holiday is celebrated on May 5th. In this workshop, you will learn some facts and myths about the holiday. We will also play some popular games.

5/5 – Why do Americans do that?

Learn some more about American culture and bring your questions too! Everyone who signs up for this workshop should submit at least one question about American culture in the “Culture Question Box” in the lab.

5/8 – How to Write Stronger Sentences

There are four sentence types in English. Learn these sentence types and you will write stronger sentences and more interesting paragraphs.

5/12 – Pattern Poetry

Learn about some fun ways to create your own poems using easy to follow forms. You will write some in the workshop.

5/15 –Space Race: Subject / Verb Agreement
Come and learn some important rules to improve your subject / verb agreement. Then compete against your classmates in a space race game!!  Prize for the winning team.

5/19 – Want to be a Volunteer?

Learn how to find and apply for volunteer positions. The experience can help your future career goals and be a lot of fun. There are even volunteer opportunities here on campus!

5/22 – Grammar Games

Do you get confused about gerunds? Present Perfect? Let’s review some of the main grammar rules through games.

5/26 – How to Write a Professional Email

For college or work, you need to be able to communicate in a formal manner by email. You will learn the forms and parts of the email and write one too.

6/5 – Cat Got Your Tongue?
Come and practice some fun tongue twisters in a relaxed setting. Tongue twisters are a great way to practice pronunciation of specific sounds.

6/9 – Washington State Geography and Activities

Find out about places to visit, people to see, and things to do all around the state.