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Video Lesson

Increase Your Vocabulary (EngVid)

How to Use a Dictionary to Increase Your Vocabulary (EngVid)

How to Remember New Vocabulary (English Lessons for You)

Vocabulary Videos


Online Dictionary / Thesaurus / Corpus

Picture Dictionary (pdictionary)

Picture Dictionary (ESOL)

Picture Dictionary (EWE)

ESL Dictionary (Longman)

ESL Dictionary (Cambridge)

Visual Dictionary (Merriam Webster)

Words and Phrases


Word Choice

Another / The Other(s) / Other(s)

Also / Too / Either

As / Like

Because / Because of

Borrow / Lend

Come / Go

Do / Make

Even Though / Even If / Even When

For / Since

Get / Have / Let / Make

Its / It’s

Say / Tell

So / Because

So / So that

So / Such

Their / They’re / There

Too / Enough / Very / Too Much / Too Many

Your / You’re


Other Vocabulary Activities

Learning Chocolate (Beginner / High Beginner)

Word List (Your Dictionary)

General and Academic Words (EnglishVocabularyExercises)

Slang  (eslcafe)

Everyday English

Prefixes / Suffixes / Word Roots


The Roots of English (tameri)

Prefixes and Suffixes (scholastic)

Prefixes (englishclub)

Vocabulary Practice

Activities 1 (vocabtest)

Vocabulary Quizzes (EnglishClub)

Vocabulary Activities (a4esl)

Vocabulary Activities (esl.fis)Vocabulary Games (teflgames)

Vocabulary Activities (vocab.com)

Vocabulary Activities (vocab pond)

Vocabulary Activities (English-at-home)

Vocabulary Activities (Learning Chocolate)

Spelling Practice

Spelling Practice – easy / hard levels (funbrain)

Spelling (eslus)

Spelling (usingEnglish)

Spelling (EnglishZone)

Spelling (TESL/TEFL)

Spelling Practice (learnenglishfeelgood)

Make Your Spelling List (spelling city)

Spelling Guideline (ldonline)

Basic Spelling Rules

English Spelling Tests (ntlworld)

Guidelines for Learning to Spell & 6 Ways to Practice  (LDonline.org)


Vocabulary Games (teflgames)