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Beginner (L2)

High Beginner (L3)

Low Intermediate (L4)


Video Lessons

Speaking / Listening Activities

English Sounds

Easy English Pronunciation Lessons
Vowel / Consonant Sounds (English Club)
Vowel Sounds – Minimal Pairs (ship or sheep)
Vowel Sounds (ESL Tower)
Vowel Sounds – Typing Exercises (English Vowels)
Sounds – Explanation and Practice (Ted Power)
“-ed” Past Tense (Elements of English)
Elements of English – Pronunciation Lessons

Pronunciation Exercises and Activities

English Pronunciation Activities (ESL Lounge)
ESL Pronunciation Exercises Online (English Media Lab)
English Pronunciation (EnglishClub.com)
English Pronunciation (Interactive English Online) 
English Pronunciation Practice for Japanese Learners (Konan University)
ESL Pronunciation Work Page (e-pron)
Online Phonology (University of Stirling)
Phonics on the Web
Pronunciation and Conversation Skills (About.com)  
Repeat After Us
Speaking in Academic Contexts (Using English for Academic Purposes)

Language Games

English Tongue Twisters
More Language Games

Phonetic Alphabet

English Phonetic Alphabet  (IPA Project)
IPA Chart (York University)